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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Themes and ‘Dark’ stories

When I was younger I felt the allure of action flicks and my favorite genre was fantasy. Adrenaline filled, roller-coster like, combat sequences and chase screens can entice many people. However as I grow older I continually find myself enjoying both action flicks and fantasy less. I still enjoy an occasional action show or fantasy novel, but at the end of the day they aren’t what has left an impression on me.

I continually find myself drawn to shows that have deeper meaning. The genre which is currently my favorite is science-fiction. That isn’t to say that science-fiction doesn’t have it’s share of action flicks, but science-fiction tend to have more
‘Dark’ stories then the fantasy genre does.

While I say ‘Dark’, the word is ambiguous. I mean stories that deal with psychology and emotion. While this doesn’t exclude fantasy or modern fiction, I believe that science-fiction allows the challenging of reality and humanity more then in other genres. Reality is questioned and humans bask in technology that should never have been developed. Those stories are the ones I enjoy the most.

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