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Friday, September 26, 2008

Role-playing Design

I have been recently listening to several RPG podcasts like Master Plan, Have Games Will Travel, Narrative Control, Theory From The Closet, and The Voice of the Revolution. Doing so has fired up my design neurons and now I want to create Campaign Settings and RPG Systems.

I have several different ideas, some of which I will outline here. The first is a School-Based Role-playing Game. Parts of that idea involve using the FATE rules but changing all the skills to be the character's grades in their classes.

The second is a bonds RPG. The idea is an RPG about a group of people and the bonds they share. The group to be a school club, a family, a band, or just close-nit friends. Some mechanics ideas involve using the FATE system and giving the group several aspects that you can use when together as a group. Also I wanted there to be a strong aid another mechanic to encourage working together.

The third involves a world that seem crazy. The world changed ten years ago and everything that you can imagine appeared in the world. Magic, Supernaturals, and other strange things now exist. Not just exist, something like 90% of people now have strange powers and abilities.

The fourth is currently called "The Force of One" which is about the story of one person and how the changes in that person change the world. Together the players create the character and then each player takes the role of one of the emotional forces at work in the character. Things like Love, Hate, or Sadness. The players the bring the character to his inevitable future.

So those three are my current ideas, if I have any others I will post them too.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Houses of the Blooded

I recently got a copy out Houses of the Blooded and I can honestly say that I was stunned. I really had no idea of what I was getting myself into but the pdf was ONLY $5 so I decided to get a copy.

I don't have words to describe how awesome it is. A game build about the tragedy of the Ven. You play Blooded Nobles who control land and power, fight betrayal, and fall in love. It is everything D&D is not. For ONLY $5 is a steal, I would pay that much (or more) just for the setting, but it also includes great rules that capture the themes of the game perfectly. The only problem I have is that the rules for land and servants seem a little gamest.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I got Spore

I got spore this weekend and managed to get all the way to the space age in one day. Since then I have neglected far too much school work playing spore. You can find my spore page here.