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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How I currently plan to play Spore

There are plenty of reviews out there for Spore so I won’t waste my breath trying to explain what the game is and why it is so cool. Instead I will point you to www.spore.com for anyone who doesn’t know what the game is about.

Instead I want to explain how I currently plan to play the game when it comes out in September. Since the game allows you to record your gameplay I plan to record my entire game from beginning to end. I then plan to blog about what is happening in my game while providing commentary.

From their meager beginning to their final end I want to create a story from the species. Using screenshots and videos I want to bring it beyond a game and into a story. That said, I haven’t decided what story I want to tell with my species. Like the species my story will evolve to become something different then I think it will be.

I have put some thought into how the story starts. Currently I plan on evolving the creature as an omnivore and playing a middle of the road strategy, however as the game, and the story, progress that will likely change.

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Spore Forum said...

Terrific idea mate! I'll be following this to see what you come up with. Very, very cool idea.

How I currently plan to play Spore: Obsessively!