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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Roleplaying, Scenes, and Primetime Adventures (Part III)

Out of all the things in in Primetime Adventures the rotating player determined scenes are my favorite. It is something that seems so simple, you just go around the table calling out scenes, but it is very powerful. Out of everything in PTA it is the mechanic that I am most likely to port to other games that I play.

It puts in the hands of the players the decision of what happens next. This sort of rotating scene framing seems like a magic bullet which cuts directly to things that matter. Instead of asking "What do you do?" the question changes and becomes "What is happening?"

The second different thing is narration rights. Putting the control into the hands of a player who is not the Producer is also a game changer. There are other games that I have played which have done this but never to the extent that PTA does.

More PTA Season Ideas

Dragons, the great beasts of legend. They live deep in the mountains where none but the most courageous knight dare tread. Many wonder how Dragons live but it is one brave scholar who braved the mountains to find out how they live, what he didn't expect to learn was who the Dragons are.

The greatest drama ever filmed has been losing ratings and is about to be canceled. Will the actors be able to convince the studio to keep the show going or will they be forced to find new roles. What about the rising drama which is going to replace their show?

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