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Friday, February 12, 2010

Campaign Ideas (Part 1)

PTA has caused me to think of all sorts of season ideas, it has really started a fire in my creativity. I'm probably going to continue post my different campaign ideas to help me remember them and maybe somebody else will like them too.

A new human colony on a new planet is the beginning of a new chapter in human history. However this momentous occasion is shattered when the colony suddenly loses contact with Earth and is attacked by strange alien invaders.

The explorer ship visits a strange island following a treasure map. If it weren't enough that there were vicious beasts and hostile natives on in the island, the crew all want the treasure for their own.

A round of hackers stumble upon dangerous information, a method of calling down demons. They need to decide what to do with this newly discovered ability. Then when the people they stole the information from discovers them they need to avoid being eliminated for knowing too much.

The zombie apocalypse has begun, the only problem is that the zombies are generally decent people other then the eating brains part. Now zombies are declared to also be people, at least to those who aren't zombie haters.

After a meteor shower a group of teenagers begins to monsters that nobody else notices. What will they be forced to do to protect the people they care about. When they get offered the power they need to defeat the monster how do they deal with the great cost associated with it.

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