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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Land Between

A couple of days ago I read a blog post by Rob Heinsoo. While reading it I realized that the 100 Kingdoms is a fairly vanilla settings, not to say that is bad. It is just that The 100 Kingdoms follows all the basic assumptions which makes it easy for people to join and understand what is happening.

While I enjoy thinking about The 100 Kingdoms I decided I needed to figure out another setting that was interesting in the setting concept instead of just what happens in the setting. I finally came up with The Land Between.

The Land Between is torn with the endless war between the Eladrin and the Shadar-Kai. Both races use The Land Between as a staging ground for the war. The people who live in The Land Between are drafted on both sides and few people live in peace. However amid the war there exist free agents who work to free The Land Between from both sides.
The people are the Magus. They have made pacts with powerful and dangerous creatures from the Abyss (Which is nothing like the default Abyss). Whether is be through luck, toughness, or strange powers there people are beyond the normal. They also gain dangerous powers called Dark Rites (Which function like rituals).

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