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Saturday, March 1, 2008

ExpanDrive is Magic

ExpanDrive for Mac is the way I always wanted to do FTP but never knew about. Before I mainly used the free FTP program Fugu. However FTP programs like Fugu and Transmit aren’t as simple as accessing your iDisk.

ExpanDrive uses magic to make FTP that simple. Now ExpanDrive starts when I start my computer and it connects to the remote server as if were an external hard drive. Sure a program like Transmit has more features then ExpanDrive but since I never use them the simplicity of ExpanDrive makes it much more useful to me.

However one problem I have with FTP programs and that iDisk is that since I use a laptop I repeatedly connect and disconnect to the internet. Whenever that happens ExpanDrive simply shows that the server could not be reached without any long delays or intrusive error messages.

There is also and equivalent product for Windows called SftpDrive, though I haven’t tried it.

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