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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tales of Arabian Nights

I got to play a game of Tales of Arabian Nights during Conduit and I must say that it is an awesome game.

My character started out by being sold into slavery by her siblings. She escaped and began to try and find her fortune in the world. However the fates looked down on her, as she traveled back to her home she become lost in india and in attempting to get back she tried to make a deal with a wizard, however he became angry when she was unable to pay his price and she was sent back into slavery again.

She eventually managed to buy herself out of slavery however it wasn't long after that she encountered a strange custom where is was illegal to eat figs out of a leather bag. Figs given to her by the person who was trying to arrest her. She managed to escape with only a banishment but is soon came back to haunt her.

She got in trouble in the next city that she visited but not before she encountered a pool of gender changing. It didn't look strange but one sip and he was then a guy. How the guards recognized him with his new gender he never found out.

And thus ends the story of a young noble girl who just wanted to see the expressions on her siblings face when she returned home rich.

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