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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A different role-playing campaign

My Spirit of the Code campaign is on hold for the moment because school is starting up and one of my players is far too busy to do anything.

So instead I'm going to try to run a modern fantasy with two players using the Mutants and Masterminds rules. I'm going to sit my players down and explain to them the setting and what to expect during the game.

The story is about the battle for the King of Demons which is going to happen on Earth, however a Demon can't exist on Earth without first making a contract with a Wizard. So one of the players is going to play the human and the other is going to be a demon.

Now once I have explained the concept I'm going to tell them that most humans and demons are going to be between Power Level 5 and 10 with most of them being on the lower end. Then I'm going to have them create their character using however many points they like and at whatever Power Level they want. The players don't even have similar point totals because how powerful the characters are isn't going to make things easier.

I've recently been reading John Wick's Play Dirty, which is an excellent book, so you can be rest assured that the characters will still suffer no matter how powerful they are.

One thing I want to do for this game is have 'Secrets'. These are things that the other character (not player) isn't going to know and which the character wants to keep from them.

The second thing I want to player goals, which are things that the player want to happen to their character.

I'll post again once I play and tell people how it turned out.

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