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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Toward the Sky

I don't know if this will go anywhere. Maybe this will turn into a story or a role-playing setting. However right now I just had the idea so I'm writing it and people can use it how they will.


Humans once had wings. They used to fly through the sky as free as birds. Everything their hearts desired was theirs and a great civilization flourished. Yet they were not content but they knew not what they were missing.

The King of the Sky search far and low, across the reaches of the earth searching for what they desired. Many years he searched until he had almost given up all hope of ever finding it. It was then that he discovered what he had been missing in the most unlikely place. However the price would be his glorious wings. He and the rest of the humans willing traded their wings away for this prize of prizes.

But not all ends well, humans have long since forgotten what it was that they received for their lost wings. Now they reach for the sky grasping for even a moment true flight. For the penniless commoner who can only dream of what it might be like to fly to the Princess of the Sky in her floating castle who wishes to be free of her gilded cage, all of them reach for the sky and that one moment where their feet leave the ground.

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