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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Something about the FATE conflict system...

I've finished the fourth session of my Spirit of the Code game and have come to some conclusion about how the conflict system is working for me. First, I'm having trouble finding good ways do give compels in the middle of a conflict and since this is when the character needs FATE points the most
My second problem is that I want to give consequences when characters aren't in a conflict. I tied that in session 3 when I told a character that they needed to add a consequence for failing a resources roll. Taking the consequence allowed the player to succeed at the resources roll. So the character managed to find enough money to pay but they are now 'Eating Ramen' as a result.

So I am thinking of first completely removing stress but allow the players to take more consequences. Maybe allow them to have 4 minor, 3 moderate, 2 major, and 1 extreme consequences. Sure this means that a character can take an extreme beating before being beaten but I don't mind that as much. In a conflict the question become more about how far they are willing to go to succeed because if they go too far then that might mean that next time they have no chance of winning.

Anyway, that is my initial thought on the matter, I'll probably talk to my players about the idea next time we get together.


The Lord of Excess said...

Mr. Swede I just moved up to Utah (living up in Clearfield) and was wondering if there were any indie RPG hotspots in these parts. I've played in several Spirit Mod games down at Strategicon, etc. and would love to find some people in this area with similar interests.

Dusty said...

I'm afraid I don't. I really just have my little group which I am trying indie stuff out on and it works fairly well. Some of the people at Hastur Hobbies in SLC would probably be better at finding a group them me, I've just been sticking with mine for years.