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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spirit of the Code Characters

These are the three characters that are in my game. They run the gambit of strangeness but I think they generally play off each other fairly well.

Rostan Yamazaki

 Avatar of Organic Corruption
First Life
Flower Child
Debt of the Firm
Virus Tamer
First Life is the name of his plant shop.
The Firm is a Mafia like organization.

 Superb Hacking
Great Science
Good Athletics, Rapport, Stealth Resolve, Leadership
Fair Self-Defence, Resources, Alertness, Empathy
Average Systems Operations, Academics, Programming
 Organic Corruption - Allows Hacking to be corruptive
Corruptive Attack - Substitute Hacking instead of Digital Warfare for offensive actions

Kardif Melovera

 Defender of Innocence
Restrained Virtual Predator
Childhood Scars
Continued Bad Family Relations
Brutal Justice
 Superb Rapport
Great Resolve, Empathy
Good Resources, Contacting, Deceit
Fair Academics, Leadership, Intimidation, Systems Operations
Average Investigation, Alertness, Digital Warfare, Self Defense, Art

Ariel Arlington

 Part-Time Sentio Technician
High School Student Body President
Master of the House
Programmed the School Computer
You Don't Know What I Went Through To Get This!
 Superb Programming, Engineering
Great Leadership
Good Academics, Empathy, Rapport
Fair Digital Warfare, Hacking, Systems Operation, Athletics
Average Resources, Alertness, Resolve, Science

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