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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spirit of the Code - Character Creation

Phase One - Concept

Concept Phase is the creation of the character’s core aspects. This is who your character is on the base level. You choose two aspects. The first is your Digital Aspect, who your character is in the digital worlds, the second is your Real Aspect which is who your character is in the real world. Together they create a dichotomy for your character.

Choose Two Aspects:

Digital Concept

Real Concept

Phase Two - Background

The background phase concerns what happened in your character’s past. This is captured with two aspects, the Background Aspect covers your character’s past while the Conflict aspect deals with an ongoing conflict if your character’s life.

Choose Two Aspects:



Phase Three - First Case

The character’s first case. A mystery they were involved in. They don’t need to take a prominent roll in solving the mystery but they must have been involved.

Choose One Aspect:

First Case Aspect

Phase Four - Guest Star in Case

This is your character's involvement in another character's case. Obviously you can't choose this until the other players finish their first three phases. So once you have an idea for your first three phases email it to everyone so that they can guest star in it.

Choose One Aspect:

Guest Case Aspect


You get 35 points of skills. This is enough to get 1 Superb, 2 Great, 3 Good, 4 Fair, and 5 Average, however you can get more lower rank skill instead of getting your higher rank skills because of the point buy.

Also the span of 1-5 represents a smaller range of talent then in Spirit of the Century. In Spirit of the Century Superb is really really good, while in this System Superb is a high professional level of skill. A good comparison is that a Spirit of the Century Good (+3) is about equivalent to this systems Superb (+5).

Skill List

Academics [Knowledge]


Art [Knowledge]

Athletics [Physical]


Deceit [Social]

Digital Warfare [Digital]

Empathy [Social]

Endurance [Physical]

Engineering [Knowledge]

Hacking [Digital]

Intimidation [Social]



Might [Physical]

Programming [Digital]

Rapport [Social]

Resolve [Social]

Resources [General]

Science [Knowledge]

Self Defense [Physical]


Systems Operation [Digital]


I'm doing a simpler version of stunts. A character has a refresh of 6 which is how many Fate Points you start an adventure with. However you may reduce your refresh to give your character stunts (To a maximum of 5 stunts). Stunts come in one of 4 types.

Focus - +1 [Skill] with a broad category of action. (Like +1 Art with music)

Specialty - +2 [Skill] with a narrow category of action. (Like +2 Art with classical music)

Substitution - Use [Skill] instead of [Skill] with a broad category of action. (Use Art instead of Rapport when dealing with musicians)

Advanced Trapping - Use [Skill] and spend a Fate point to perform an unusual action. (Use Deceit to disguise yourself as someone else, i.e. Master of Disguise)


I would like thank many of the great FATE resources out there for many of the ideas that went into this. Including the FateRPG Yahoo Group and the Spirit of the Blank website.

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